We can hold New Labour to account for the illegal invasion of Iraq. We explain why it can work, and how to use your vote skilfully. Let’s aim for change. Especially in marginal constituencies, we have the power as voters to make this a Peace Election the politicians won’t forget in a hurry.


Frequently asked questions

What else can I find on the site?
This website is intended to help achieve the best outcome in the current difficult situation. Combining past results with the latest poll data we tailor our recommendations to steer towards a balanced (or “hung”) Parliament. We want to punish the government, but not finish up with a Tory majority either.


We want to inform and encourage voters to examine all their options and to make their own principled choice. So we have tried to explain why we suggest a particular voting strategy in each seat. You may consider:


your values and politics
the kind of seat you live in
the way the election as a whole seems to be going
We believe that by understanding how to vote tactically and strategically, we have a chance to outwit the divide and rule voting system used for Westminster elections.


Who should use this site?
We hope that all caring, thoughtful voters will use our service, people from a wide range of political views:


civilised anti-war Tories
disillusioned Labour supporters
flexible LibDems
progressive nationalists
pragmatic greens, socialists and anti-racists
people who feel a million miles away from traditional party politics and never normally vote

What are our aims?
The results we hope to see include:


Blair decisively checked
Troops speedily withdrawn from Iraq
Racism and Islamophobia resisted
Public services and the environment defended