Reasons Why is it Important to Vote

Reasons Why is it Important to Vote

Elections are held at in every 4 or 5 years depending on the constitution of different countries. This is the time when the citizens elect a new leader who will be the face of the town, district, state, or nation. It is important that every eligible person of the region vote for a candidate as a responsible citizen. Here are the reasons why it is important to cast your vote.

It is your right

Before you need a reason to vote, you must know that voting is your right as a citizen of a state or nation. There are several countries which barr certain or all citizens from casting a vote. If your country allows everyone to vote, you are lucky to choose your own leader, and your participation will decide the fate of the entire nation.


Each vote is valuable

You might think that one vote less compared to the millions will not matter. But every single vote is valuable in electing the next president or prime minister. There have been several instances where the elections were decided over a shallow difference between votes. If you are not casting your vote, then the result is more dependent on who gets lucky rather than the approval of the citizens (which is the biggest risk).

You can complain with dignity

When you are voting, you are selecting your leaders, and they will be serving you for the next few years. If in the time period of their government they get corrupt or harm your society, you can raise your voice as a proud voter. On the other hand, if you do not vote, complaing about the problems of society will only make you a bigger fool as you did not even do your part to start expecting from others.

You can initiate your agendas

If you choose a leader who is supportive, you will face no problem in raising your agendas. Be it the technologies, the environment, or a service to the community. If you have a good leader, then you can get assistance in conducting events and providing services to others. On the other hand, if you do not vote, you are also inviting the non worthy leaders who will corrupt your state or nation.

The elected government will not support you without your votes

The election committee knows which sector is casting how many votes. This will affect the sectors which casted the least votes as the elected government will not focus on their needs as they did not do their part. Being a student, you can face a lot of trouble in getting the right education and expect no efforts from the government if the youth is not showing up to cast votes.

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